Group Danny offer seamless production services in Bangladesh. As a single point of contact Group Danny cover the complete production chain to ensure impeccable quality and a smooth and pleasant production experience.


Fashion trend change every day. Each season we research apparel market for the latest styles and qualities. Our team have long experience from fashion tread forecasting and customer analysis. To make sure about our customer to get the most modern products they continuously educate our partner factories in new innovation and production techniques.


The sourcing business is constantly changing. It is complex and require frequent and passionate work to keep up to date about best products possibilities in Bangladesh. We must follow codes of conducts, making sure that regulations and standards are followed. With our presence, expertise and relations Group Danny guarantee a qualitative production throughout the whole chain, competitive pricing and a great care for labour and environmental questions. The major products categories we deal in


Sweaters (Pullover, Cardigan, Gloves, Scarves, Cap)
Woven Bottoms and Denim (Chinos, Cargo Pants, 5-Pockets Pants, Skirts)
Circular Knits (T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Function Wear)
Shirts (Men’s and Ladies)


We have a skilled Merchandising Team. They source the right partner factories with competitive price, Product and Compliance. In case of any order taking place, our team always offer a complete cost calculation. This always based on current market situation and price versus volumes of orders, as well as consider customer’s delivery requirements, quality demands and other compliances issues. When the garment goes into production our team of merchandisers will supervise the daily production process. Customer will be kept informed of order status by e-mail as our team monitor status for all material, accessories, testing requirements, lab-dips, proto samples, size set samples, photo samples, production samples, day to day production, packing status, shipment details. For running productions, we have implemented a special software for TNA (time and action plan) where we stay up to date in real time, providing status, ensuring a smooth execution and timely delivery, minimising the risk of late shipment.
Lead times 
Average sales sample lead time:30 to 40 days
Average production lead time:90 to 120 days
Repeat orders lead time:60 to 90 days

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality in garment manufacturing is a very broad subject as it encompasses both process and product. But it basically constitutes the characteristics of a salable good that determine its desirability and which must be controlled at manufacturing process to meet certain basic requirements. Our Quality Assurance Team monitors outgoing products for consumer acceptability.

Quality assurance and quality control may seem the same thing, but they’re not. Apparel garments, accessories, and other textile products are assessed for quality in the preproduction phase, during production, and with a final inspection after the product has been completed. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team is focused on the process. It builds quality into each step of the manufacturing process including designing, production, and beyond.

Our Quality Control (QC) team is focused on the product. It is generally understood as assessing the quality of products upon completing manufacturing and after being classified into acceptable and unacceptable categories where checking of the actual results is done to ensure that things are as expected.

In-line production inspection

In-line product inspection or DUPRO (During Production Inspection) is an effective way for us to know about the status of the manufacturing of an order, gain important information about the shipment schedule and identify defects early on before they affect the entire production.

This type of inspection generally takes more time than the more common Final Random Inspection (FRI) and its always conducted by our inspector with several years of experience in production monitoring.

A thorough DUPRO inspection always includes report on the following:

• The percentage of packing materials, raw materials, and finished goods already in stock or produced, and the expected date of receipt or production for goods and components which not ready.

• A review of the quality of those goods and components already completed. QC inspectors should draw samples from what is already completed and check for defects. Full review on what type of samples were drawn and what defects were found in those samples.

• Summary of the production status and schedule.

• Photo review of the current production line, products, and observed defects.

Even when including a DUPRO is a way of getting the ground knowledge about the production process and correcting defects early in the process before they potentially ruin an entire shipment.

AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit)

Acceptable Quality Limit is the quality level that is the worst tolerable. It describes the maximum number of acceptable defects during the random sampling of an inspection.

Frequent quality check at customers requested AQL is key to a cost-effective production. Group Danny offer constant monitoring of orders including production updates, we adjust and always offer alternatives if require, our goal is to get perfect product by our customer.

Logistics and post shipment services

Our experience commercial team always provide extensive support on export process, arrangement of booking space to shipping line, documentation and shipment advise to our customer. To avoid any demurrage at destination for on time documents, such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, Packing List, Original GSP, Certificate of Origin, we strongly follow up with the factory and send these all documents well in advance.