Social Responsibilities

The concept of our business actively concerned with the welfare of the society. We maintain both human responsibility and environmental responsibility. As an organization our obligation on Social responsibility is to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on the Society

If our community is stagnant, we stagnate too. With our holistic approach towards social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of communities around us, we make sure that wherever we have, we help the community. We build long-term relationship with people who come into our contact. At Group Danny, we are committed to helping various communities with their basic amenities. We exemplify the spirit of corporate responsibility. We support educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers.

We want to improve the complete chain, increasing the standards of sustainability and responsibility. We contribute to our communities on a grass root level, supporting their strive for subsistence.


We maintain Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to treat water before discharging into nature. As per our social responsibility we ensure complete treatment of used water before discharging to the environment.

Electrical Safety

We are using complete BUS-BAR TRUNKING system from Italy & Turkey to ensure safe wiring of electricity thus saving of the energy & safety of the factory.


We are using complete LED light source (Light Emitting Diodes) from China for the full factory which help us to save more than 50% energy and thus more effective, social, friendly.

Fire Safety:

Smoking Detection System– Our factories have installed addressable smoking detection system from UK which ensures immediate finding out the emergency location. Moreover, we have MIMIC DISPLAY from UK which is a most modern technology in this category that gives you visual display of floor lay out indicating with a light exact pointing to the emergency place.

Hydrant System:

Our factories have installed complete automatic Hydrant System from UK & Malaysia with Jockey Pump, Electric Driven Pump, and Diesel Pump along with most modern Hose, Pillars, and Extinguishers etc.

Sprinkler System:

Our factories have installed automatic Sprinkler system from UK to have more safety in regards to fire.

Fire Door:

Our factories have installed fire doors from National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO Dubai to ensure safety of the workers.

Pure Drinking Water:

Our factories have installed complete pure drinking water system from China fully equipped with Multimedia filter, Activated Carbon filter, Water Softer & RO system to have safe water for everyone in the factory.


We follow the Chemicals guidance and are working with a chemical tool there we specify the risk chemicals for each component produced. We followed European Chemicals Regulation REACH and have it as a guideline for our chemical work. REACH is constantly being updated which means that more and more substances used in clothing production are banned.